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Pages in Internet Explorer mode in Edge on Windows 11!

Activate desktop icons on Windows 11!

The search indexing options in Windows 11?

The best printer hacks for Windows 11?

Use file history on Windows 11!

Wrong calendar week under Windows 11, 10, ... is displayed?

Check RAM size, type and speed in Windows 11!

MS Edge shortcut for private surfing under Windows 11!

Full switch off for grouping in Explorer list views, permanent disable!

CalendarOK - an alternative to the standard Windows Desktop Calendar! 

Easy Uninstall the Keep Mouse Speed OK from Windows 10, 8.1!

How can i use the Auto Power Options OK for Windows OS!

Create a new scan profile in order not to repeat settings!

I want the time display to appear right next to the date display!

WEBP, EMF, WMF, ... in Q-Dir File Explorer views!

Suggestions from users for the Quad Explorer!

A short, how do I use the new file time stamp setter!

Where does the program DesktopOK save the file/data when you do a Save?

Windows Z menu as an alternative to the Windows X menu (10, 8.1, 7)!

Translate text from clipboard!

A beautiful 3D clock on your desktop!

Search for same or similar mirrored pictures, photos or images!

Keep the Microsoft Windows PC on or put to sleep!

Detect the Folder Size, File Number and Folder Count!

Compare Fonts TTF OTF on Windows!

Huge Desktop Pointer Stick in USA design!

Leaves on the windows desktop!

Improved mouse wheel and little load on the CPU or resources!

FileName2FileTime in NewFileTime!

Many more Windows tools and features in desktop OK!

Convert the Bin file to ISO file even under x64 Windows all OS!

Auto Hide the Mouse Cursor on MS Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop and Server OS!

A virtual pointer stick for the Windows Desktop to highlight the cursor position! 

Easily check the Prefomance of a Windows 11, 10, ... etc. Volume eg. Partition! 

The category Office on Software OK (make everyday office life easier)!

Open Don'tSleep settings under Windows!

Put the picture in the first position of the PDF, very easy!

Easy Font View possibility its O.K. also for Windows 11, 10 and  8.1, ...!

Digital Desktop Clock on Windows Are you changing the options?

Zip folder in Quad Explorer easier to handle on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Adjusting the tabs / tab width in the alternative file explorer!

Activate the Quad-Explorer top address bar Windows 10, 8.1,...!

Clone all File-Explorer Views in Quad Explorer under Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Quite handy to surf with the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge!

Save Desktop Layout in *.dok file or *.ini!

Use random color for a desktop note on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Restore standard libraries in Windows 11 and 10!

Start Disk Check in Windows-10/11 Explorer!

Complete check for Trojans, viruses and ransomware, how to!

Share and user names, save the network passwords on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Enable and disable drive compression on Windows 10/11!

Download NET Framework 4.8, 3.5, 2.0 for Windows 11/10!

How to disable auto tips, messages and Adds in Windows 10/11?

Automatically expand folder in Windows 10/11 tree view (open)!

Problems with Remote Desktop under MS Windows 11, 10, ...!

Place the recycle bin in the Windows 11 and 10 Start menu!

What is an in-place upgrade from Windows 10 to Win 11?

Set the standard paper feed tray on the printer!

Printer is suddenly gone under Windows 10 and 11 , why?

Chose when to Turn off the Windows 10 and 11 Display!

Windows 10 / 11 and the Media-Payer 12!

Windows 10 / 11 control system (classic panel)!

Change if the calendar is displayed in Chinese!

Save a web page as PDF in Microsoft Edge and other browsers!

Wordpad appears in the taskbar but the window is not visible!

How to run an app as a different user in MS Windows 11/10!

The improved Windows Command Prompt and Command Line!

Starting PowerShell on Windows 10 / 11 as an Administrator!

Format new SSD hard drive under Windows 10/11!

Change boot loader Windows 11, 10, ... OS !

Download MS Windows 11, 10, 8.1 DVD, ISO, USB for Free no Key?

Synchronization does not work on Windows 10 / 11, the solution!

WinScan2PDF Turkish Description!

Image / Scan: Fit to the Page or Crop to the PDF Page!

Rotated Random Snow Flakes on the Desktop!

Fuzzy display with higher DPI values ​​corrected with SetProcessDPIAware!

Disable Quick Text Paste via Task-Bar Tray Menu!

Questions and answers about the Alternative Run dialog for Windows!

Can I eject drive with this tool under Windows 11?

List all Powershell commands, filter, help?

Was ist Perlin-Noise für eine Funktion?

Remote Desktop access to local folders on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Difference between dialog windows and normal Windows windows?

What can you do to prevent your PC from going off all the time!

Too fast cursor in Windows text editors?

What is a remote Windows shutdown program?

Back to 1803 from Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Auto-Update bugs, how to?

Where can I find the Windows on-screen keyboard?

Schedule a webpage to open via the command prompt?

Directly open command prompt in each folder!

Find out the PC serial number and manufacturer via command prompt?

Is my Windows User a Microsoft Account or a Local command line query!

Command line to delete the temporary files on Windows drives!

Query CPU usage via the cmd.exe Windows command prompt?

Using PowerShell and CMD to delete complete directories, with examples?

How to use CMD NET use HELP?

Use proxy server on Windows 11, 10, ...?

Does MS Office 2000 / XP work on MS Windows 11, 10, ...?

Block emails from specific senders in Microsoft Outlook!

How can I print everything on one page in Excel?

How long does it take to install Microsoft Office 365!

Can I use and share this 3D desktop CLOCK commercially?

Is the desktop clock suitable for Windows 7 and Windows 8 or 10?

Play Sound at Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock?

How do I determine the size of a file or folder?

What is a deletion confirmation?

Exclude folders from the search that should not be printed?

How can I set up printer, or the page at the directory printout?

A simple usage example of FindSameImagesOK!

Do I also need an improvement in energy efficiency on my MS Surface Pro?

The numerical file sorting under Windows 10/11 via group guidelines!

How do I improve working with the keyboard on Windows 10 / 11?

Help, Windows 10 Defender is turned off or Permanently Disable? (on, Enable)

Thumbnail Previews in File Explorer on Windows 10, turn off on?

How to customize in Windows-10/11 the double tap time for touch screens?

How to change the desktop theme in Windows-10 (download)?

Problems when auto upgrading to Windows 10?

Open Personal Files Folder in Windows 10 / 11 current and all user, how to?

External drives are not displayed under Windows 10 (USB, HDD)?

Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 11/ 10 find and open, but how to?

Display Color Calibration on Windows 10 / 11 laptops and PCs, how to?

How long does it take to install Windows 10 (download)?

Change computer name and working group in Windows 11/10!

Save multiple profiles and INI files to save the magnifier settings!

Set password protection to prevent readjustment on public PCs!

The timer can not be set to prevent standby, why?

Can I also test my touch screen on Windows 11?

Can I do Postbank online banking without the BestSign app, i.e. via TAN?

Does Windows 10 Version 2004 require a new installation?

How can I query or find out the shipment number on ebay.com?

Steam games are started delayed when synchronizing with Steam-Cloud !?

Try Malwarebytes for Malware!

Why the RAM or memory test for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?  

Add PDFs and images to the PDF?

Bug: at high Windows DPI, blurred appearance of font and icons!

Difference between paralyzed and dead pixels?

Recycle Bin on the Desktop Taskbar in Windows 8.1 / 10 for drag and drop to trash, how to?

Access to hidden options in Windows 10 and 8,1 Explorer, via mouse!

Activate, Customize the preview window in Explorer Windows 8.1 / 10?

Windows 8.1 and 10 keyboard speed (faster, slower and repeat)!

Screensaver to display, pictures folder in windows 8.1 / 10?

How to set custom color, width of windows border on Win 8.1 and 10?

Enable Quick Launch in Windows 8 desktop taskbar, how to?

View and delete partitions on Windows 8.1 / 10, how to?

How to mount on Windows 10 and 8.1 virtual disks like ISO images or VHD drives?

How to enable the password prompt for screen saver in Windows 8.1 (disable, turn off, turn on)?

Restore system files and settings from a Windows-10/8.1 Restore Point!

How to open the Computer-Management in Windows 8.1, 11 or 10?

Enlargement in Internet Explorer 11/10 (zoom, font)!

I am trying to uninstall Google Chrome. How can I do it?

How can i sign up, register, log in on Twitter.com?

Can I run a simple ping with TraceRouteOK?

How to see all running apps on The Samsung Galaxy!

Screenshot Problem in Experience-Index-OK (fixed)!

Program parameters eg Windows Command line options!

Help after Windows 10 crash, the nice big mouse cursor is no longer there, gone?

Batch processing of photos and reduction options!

Un Zip software!

Help, is it not snowing on my desktop in summer?

What else will there be in freeware, what is planned!

Who needs such nonsense as mouse tracks on the modern Windows 10 OS?

What is QVO, MLC, TLC, MLC in SSD?

Hard disk is formatted with XFS format!

Turn off Windows S mode?

Shut down MS Windows OS with key combination!

Should I rather use a large or small digital clock?

How can I disable the date display on the desktop clock?

Edit all user folders as admin, the correct path!

Hidden and System Files in MS Windows Explorer and Quad-Explorer, (show, hide)!

Is it possible to have only one instance of Q-Dir (tab, open, explorer )?

Change the address bar in Explorer-View to Classic or modern Windows 10!

How do i use the Quad-Directory internal file association rules eg 7-Zip?

Can i have a separate tree view for each explorer list view?

File Explorer view column and view settings are not saved, Why no?

Where can I set the lines when scrolling up and down?

Initiate / Start in Safe Mode on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

What is the difference between setup and installation?

Does the administrator have to be named as admin or administrator?

Difference between paralyzed and dead pixels?

Change the CPU to 64 bit via CMD, is that possible?

Computer Mouse Tips To Know About Using Your Mouse!

Full duplex connections, transmission rate and speed?

What does it mean for programs: Runs from Windows 5.0 and higher?

Why have the LED Screen bad pixels and points?

Who needs that on Windows desktop icons hiding, is this a joke APP?

Are there any restrictions on the number of files in New-File-Time?

When drag drop are not all files and folders added to the list?

Can I use Windows 11 with an offline account?

Why programs files (x86) on Windows 11 if it's 64 Bit?

Weather on Windows 11 taskbar?

Quickly check Windows 11 microphone access rights?

Remove the Windows Terminal APP from the Explorer menu?

Help the airplane mode switch is missing on Windows 11?

Where can I find the battery status information under Windows 11!

Why does the YES button not appear in "Start administrative mode"?

Does Windows 11 also have keyboard shortcuts that I can use?

How to activate game mode in Windows 11?

Where are the language and region settings in Windows 11?

What kind of keys can I use to install / activate Windows 11?

Can I partition / format hard drives under Windows 11?

Find programs and functions under Windows 11!

Can I use the Computer Virus Game as a portable application?

Measure only single read / write speeds on the SSD?

If delete the desktop icon layout, activate the confirm deletion message!

Why DesktopOK save the wrong resolution of the Desktop?

Different line breaks use CR LF, LF, CR when inserting plain text?

Problem keyboard shortcuts commands in Windows 10/11 to insert text?

Always when I insert via Ctrl + Alt, i see the context menu, why (direct execute)?

Can the virus 3D game Corona KO also be used in the office?

I do not like the color of the Desktop Sticky Note on the desktop!

Can I still print test pages on Windows 11 Home and Pro?

Run Performance Test on Windows 7 ergo Windows Experience Index!

How to use Send-To feature to run Programs from Send-To in Windows 7/8.1?

How can I change the desktop wallpaper background in Windows 7?

How to open Device Manager in Windows-7 (start, run)?

How to show Recycle Bin Icon on the Windows 7 Desktop?

Supports Windows 7, the Cool'n'Quiet power-saving mode of the AMD processors?

Should I use with AMD64 Windows-7 x86 or x64?

Remove My magazine from home screen start on the Android smart phone!

EV and OV code signing?

What is a computer time?

What is a blank PDF?

What is a shift key?


What is Num Lock?

What is a programming language?

What is bloatware?

What is a toner (toner cartridge)?

What is a quantum theory!

What is Autodesk?

What is an auto text?

What are background programs?

What is Windows PE (WinPE)?

What is an EXE file?

What is pagefile.sys?

File formats and file types, what is it?

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