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Do Windows 11 Visual Effects Slow Down Your PC?

Just run the free Windows 11 text writing program!

The Windows 11 wallpapers!

Desktop icons are randomly moved under Windows 11!

Adjust power plan options under Windows 11!

List user accounts in Windows 11!

Quickly cut a picture with the Photo APP under Windows!

Difference between screen keyboard and touch keyboard, Windows 11, 10, ...?

Windows 11: ms-settings:-Commands for settings!

Adjust date and time in Windows 11!

Startup Folder and all User Startup Folder for Windows 11!

Activate the boot animation in Windows 11 and 10!

Administrator desktop shortcut on Windows 11 without password!

Optimize SSD drives weekly on Windows 11! 

Formatting USB data carriers under Windows 11, 10 ... etc.!

Tree view in each of the Explorer's address bars even under Windows 11 or 10!

Tool with directories can be displayed and edited at the same time!

Easy Drive Eject Access via Task-Bar-Tray Menu and Explore!

The aero clock with star textures a little USA!

Delete and remove locked files and folders!

Sort the pictures for similarity and highlight better photos!

Automatic adjustment of energy options under Windows!

Prevent system Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off , Restart, Hibernate!

Just test the RAM under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ... and Serven! 

A Directory print feature with integrated print preview for Windows!

Fonts printing with print and preview function!

Open the Experience Index files folder or start recalculation of the performance index!

You can easy get a Pixel Color from you Desktop!

The virtual mouse pointer extension for the Windows Desktop!

Notice this is a private parking lot - Short-Car-Note!

Soccer balls on the desktop even without Sky Receiver!

On Windows 11 the individual Digital Watch on the desktop!

See more of your Wallpaper on the Windows Desktop and Server OS!

A Purple File Explorer on Windows-10/11 Example!

Export file time and conveniently edit or customize in Excel or Calc!

KO Timer to quit hanging Windows apps and programs!

Save icon layout and restore it.

Multiple Desktop Notes transparent random color as a sticky note for Windows!

Let Start Sleep Mode Blocking with Windows!

Simple Tunnel3dOK 1.03 OpenGL!

KeepMouseSpeedOK to keep the Mouse Speed on all Windows (11, 10, ...)!

Auto power options adjustment, increase energy efficiency on MS Windows 11, 10, ...

For Windows 11, 10, ... folders sice and files cunt on your SSD, HD, ... disks!

The Random number generator create multiple files for Windows!

MagicMouseTrails Magic Mouse tracks on the Windows 11, 10, ... Desktops!

Q-Dir the Quad Explorer for Microsoft's Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop and Server!

Corona KO is a little 3D time game for Windows 11, 10, ... and MS Server OS!

Recycle Bin Secure Delete via Explorer Right-click for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Easy Uninstall the Keep Mouse Speed OK from Windows 10, 8.1!

Directory Print Out directly via the MS-Explorer context menu!

Energy saving mode, balanced and maximum performance difference!

Do not Sleep parameter example!

Access to essential memory and system functions under Windows! 

Easy expand multiple levels in explorer tree list view!

Understand and use freely selectable colors, frames and backgrounds!

Mark the whole line in Q-Dir, the Quad-Explorer!

Complete Deactivation of Grouping in Explorer List Views (Q-Dir)!

Suggestions from users for the Quad Explorer!

Helpful starting parameters for portable Q-Dir!

A short, how do I use the new file time stamp setter!

Simply switch from the administrator to the standard user in the program!

Features in Desktop-OK for Tray ergo Info area of ​​the Windows 11, 10, ... Task-Bar!

Why is in Desktop-OK the volume mixer?

Grouping of keyboard shortcuts Commands for fast insertion of texts!

Tips for quickly changing texts in Quick-Text-Paste!

Automatic paste texts under Windows, why, wath for?

The category 3D Tools for Windows on Software OK!

Position the desktop clock correctly on the desktop!

Automatically change the power options!

V-Ram test the quality of the Ram and the Virtual PC/CPU!

Reorder PDF pages by simply dragging and dropping!

Stress for GPU on Windows 11, 10 and old Win 7 plus see the load balance!

If you want to leave a message to your roommates or colleagues!

Activate the optional seconds display on the desktop!

Zip folder in Quad Explorer easier to handle on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Open New Tab Via Drag and Drop in all / from all Explorer Views!

All subfolders in Explorer show shortcut directory tree!

Detect in Quad-Explorer when it runs with administrator privileges!

Total length of the media in an Explorer column under Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Clone one Explorer in Quad-Explorer on Windows 10, ... and Server!

File and Folder counter / number in an Explorer column!

Options of Group by and Sort sabe for Explorer Views on all Windows!

Activate or deactivate the auto update in Desktop-OK for Windows OS!

Enlarge Desktop icon space / distance in, Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

I'm looking for a Sticky Note alternative for Windows 11 and 10!

Windows 11 and 10 File Explorer search via file change time!

Windows 11, 10 File Explorer does not remember the selected objects when navigating!

OneDrive.exe - Invalid image on Windows 11/10!

Windows 11/10: How can I change the font size in Explorer?

Quick view and preview change Windows 11/10 (fast access)!

Block APPs and desktop programs under Windows 10 (prevent them from starting)!

Defender MSASCui.exe and MSASCuiL.exe are missing in the Windows 10 1809?

The virus scanner never finds anything, do I need something like this under Windows-10?

Help TELNET clients is missing under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 ... why?

Find a mouse that has a small ball for Windows instead of a wheel!

Download Mouse pointer and cursor options for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Download Free Alternatives File Explorer for Windows 11, 10, ..!

Windows 1903 switch to 1909 download Archive!

Windows 11/10 network adapters are missing, where can I find them?

How to disable auto tips, messages and Adds in Windows 10/11?

Is there compatibility mode on Windows 10/11?

Remove transparent icons on the Windows 10/11 desktop?

Small Icons Size in Taskbar of Windows 10!

Maximize Window Minimize keyboard shortcuts and so on Windows 11, 10, ..!

Try the Dark Theme on Windows 11 and 10!

Go directly to Defender settings via Windows 11 or 10 Desktop!

How to find desktop folders from all users on Windows 11 / 10?

Use the PC sleep timer on Windows 10 / 11!

Windows 11 official rollout update starts in autumn!

The difference user and account names in Windows 10/11!

View printer properties on all Windows Desktop and Server!

Preview fonts installed in Windows 11 or 10, how does that work?

Deactivate Windows 10 and 11 Quick Start!

Classic Power / Energy Options on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Total duration of a bunch of tiny video files in a folder on Windows 11/10!

Enable Windows 8 Style Start Screen in Windows 10!

Windows 10 / 11 and computer management!

Extend the Directory-Tree automatically in MS File-Explorer windows 11, 10, ...!

desk.cpl ,,5. in Windows 10 / 11!

Keyboard settings Windows 10/11!

The regional settings in Microsoft Windows 10/11!

The cursor in text editors is too wide in Windows 10/11, why?

Save a web page as PDF in Microsoft Edge and other browsers!

Internet Explorer 11 input bar missing (search field, menu)!

Enter emoji using the touch keyboard (on-screen keyboard) on Windows 10/11!

CMD prompt at the Start menu folder on Windows 11/10!

Hide programs in Windows 10!?

Change the Windows folder icons RGB color!

Find and use the pre-installed calculator app at Windows 10!

Does Windows 10 support the Cool'n'Quiet or power saving mode?

Where can I change the Hertz on the Windows 10 laptop?

Switch to bold font on Windows 11 and 10 system-wide, but how to?

Split, format, shrink new hard drive step by step ...!

The file system on a Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 PC!

You can leave everything to us! Windows 10 hangs?

Install the media player on Windows 10/11!

Download Windows 11, 10, 8.1 DVD, ISO, USB for Free no Key?

After auto update, many programs do not work in Windows 10?

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Problem (Redstone 4)!

Windows 11 and 10 system sound!

WinScan2PDF Turkish Description!

A clock on the Windows desktop with a glass effect!

Image / Scan: Fit to the Page or Crop to the PDF Page!

Visual Windows Fonts Compare!

Green Flower on the Windows Desktop!

Color and font in the Explorer views on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ....!

Auto Align to grid and auto arrange in Explorer List-View!

Fast testing / detection of hard drives and drives as well as path!

Example how to paste a signature to WordPad via key shortcut!

Hide when run: commands, favorite cmd-s in Run-Command - Windows 10, 11, 8.1, 7!

Difference delete, delete plus, overwrite X times?

How to add to Explorer context menu (Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11)?

List all Powershell commands, filter, help?

What if I still can't delete?

Why are files in the Delete at Restart list, on my windows 11 or 10?

RGB Pixel to Negative!

Start the system configuration tools in Windows (11, 10, 8.1 and 7)!

What is the purpose of defragmenting on Windows?

Send to desktop is missing in Windows 11, 10, ... or MS Server OS?

Restrict the maximum working memory under Windows 11, 10, ... etc.?

How to disable some Service via msconfig on Windows 11, 10, ...?

Option to lock directories?

What is a remote Windows shutdown program?

Where can I download the free Avira AntiVir Personal?

How to restart a background service on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?

Can I add batch-script action to Right Click menu of Explorer Windows (10, 8.1, 7.0)?

How to block winrar to open zip and cab files?

How can I installed fonts (fonts) remove,uninstall or install?

Query Windows screen resolution via the command prompt!

Ability to batch rename files in lower and upper case?

Command line to delete empty folders Windows 11, 10, ....!

Information about a specific user account via cmd.exe or PowerShell!

Resolve problems with wireless networks by resetting TCP / IP!

Command line to delete the temporary files on Windows drives!

Use autocomplete in the command prompt and PowerShell!

Set password via cmd.exe, which never expires, example!

Use batch file to start multiple programs on Windows 11, 10...!

Disable and enable SmartScreen via CMD BATCH command?

Extend the output memory of the CMD prompt!

Run an Application with a Specific CPU Priority!

How to remove read-only or hidden file attribute vial cmd?

Difference between Word * .doc and * .docx documents?

How do I enable or disable the spell check in MS Outlook?

How do I contact Microsoft Office 365 support?

How can I check the Microsoft Office 365 auto update setting?

How to print only the selected text in Office Word?

How long does it take to install Microsoft Office 365!

Switch language or translate Get-Window-Text for all Windows OS!

Can I have the 3D desktop clock start automatically on all Microsoft's Windows OS!

Clock in the foreground forced and background, ... differences!

Can i change the size of the desktop clock (windows, resize)?

What does Reboot immediately in The File Unlocker?

Show folder structure in alphabetical order and print?

When filtering, no path can be specified (directory print, expression)!

How can I set up printer, or the page at the directory printout?

Are there differences between iPhone pictures and smartphones picture comparison?

I found thousands of photos, how could I select all?

Translate the Find.Same.Images.OK in my Language!

Can I increase and share energy efficiency in the commercial area?

Can I develop and test my own APPs on Windows 10?

Under Windows 10 / 11, enable and disable the device search, but how to?

Prevent Windows 10/11 programs from automatically starting, how does it work?

Hibernate and Standby difference on Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7 PC?

How can I turn off Windows 10 / 11 properly?

Find Character Map for Windows 10/11? (start, run, download)

Windows-10/11 change keyboard settings, how to (language, settings)?

Reset Internet Explorer settings in Windows 10, how to?

Handwriting personalization on a Windows 10/11 Tablet PC, how to?

Windows 10 drop-down menus are aligned to the left, why not right?

Save Images of Login Screen on Windows 10/11 (Lock, location)?

See all the computers in your wlan (wi-fi) network on Windows-10, how to?

How can i open the DVD, BluRay or CD drive in Windows 10 (eject problem)?

Problems when auto upgrading to Windows 10?

Clean Installation of the Windows 10, how to do?

Customize SmartScreen on Windows 10 (disable, enable)?

Windows-10/11 tool to change the color profile for a device, where is it? (printer, fax)

Is there in Windows 10 or 11 a Memory Diagnostics Tool for RAM (memory)? 

Help, no remote desktop connection to Windows 10/11 possible. why not?

Help Windows 10 does not have any libraries, what am I doing wrong?

Make Windows-10 Standard User to Guest-Account, how to change rights?

Disable Password in Windows 10 / 11 (hibernation, energy saving), but how to?

Where are fonts stored in Windows 11 and 10 and the font folder location?

Windows 10/11 Run-Command Dialog via Desktop Shortcut?

Remove search the web box from Windows 10 Taskbar (enable, disable)?

Change Mouse Pointer and Cursor size on Windows-10/11, (smaller, larger)?

Where can I find the Windows 10 version and build number Pro and Home?

How can I customize the Windows 10 Start Menu?

Is OneLoupe a magnifier with Windows dual monitors support?

How do I remove the standby blocking from my Microsoft Windows OS?

Prevent my computer from sleeping, but still allow the screen off?

How do I get rid of Don't Sleep (Windows, 11, 10, 8.1, ...)?

Can I continue to use my mouse cursor hiding tool on MS Windows 11!

The settings are apparently stored in the registry, right?

Can I do Postbank online banking without the BestSign app, i.e. via TAN?

No text recognizable in the notepad!

Is there such a holder for the cell phone that you can hang around?

A certificate was explicitly blocked by the issuer!

Make Windows EXE TO APP?

Show wallpaper on TeamViewer connection?

Printer connection with standard parallel port is missing on the PC, what can I do?

Disable automatic updates, yes or no!

Where can I see the percentage of the operating system's market share, for example for the new Windows 10?

Your account is now infected! Modify the password this time!

How to remove Device Performance Test Samsung-TV?

Got a gray cast when scanning despite white paper?

How to automatically clean up scanned JPEGs when end the Program?

Can I change PDF output page size?

Scan multiple pages and create (save) as a single PDF file?

Why print out the lost space on the hard disk for Windows?

Are there problems with certain image formats when reading the images?

How can I detect a corrupted pixel on the LCD monitor on Win 10 or 8.1 (11)?

Can I disable Spell-Checking or Auto-Correction in Windows 8.1 and Win 10?

Disable the Windows Store in Windows 8.1 / 10, how to?

Can i change drive letter in Windows 8.1 and 10!

Enable or disable the mouse pointer shadow in Windows 8.1/10!

Start or Run Google chrome in the Metro Mode in Windows 8.1!

Activate, Customize the preview window in Explorer Windows 8.1 / 10?

MS-Explorer search shortcut on the desktop in Windows 8.1/10!

Make the keyboard more easier to use on Windows 8.1 / 10!

Show delete confirmation dialog on Windows 8.1 / 10 when delete file!

Enable or Disable Data Execution Prevention in Windows 8.1, 8 and 10 (turn-off/-on)!

AHCI for Windows 8.1 and 10 via storahci (activate, switch)!

The Windows 8.1 Desktop Search!

Clear virtual memory pagefile at Windows-8 Shutdown (8.1, 10, seven)!

How to open DVD or CD Burning Folder in Windows-8, 8.1 and Win 10 (chamber)?

Disable the folder grouping in Windows 8, 8.1 / 10 (remove, turn off)?

How can I see if I have x64 Edition or Windows x32/x86 on Windows 10/8.1?

How to scan to pdf in Windows 8 / 10 and 8.1?

How to define in Windows 8.1 / 10 a program to open multiple file types?

How to start DirectX diagnostic tool in Windows 8.1 / 10 x64/x32 bit (version, find, open)?

How to select/add users for Windows 8 / 10 / 11 Remote Desktop connections (allow, disallow, access authorization)?

Run Windows 8.1 or 10 explorer in administrative mode (open, call, start, find)?

Can i use the classic Windows XP Explorer.exe in Windows 10 or 8.1?

Can i manually create in Windows 10 and 8.1 a restore point?

How to find Windows 8:! On-Screen Keyboard, (10, open, start, run, osk.exe)?

How to open the Computer-Management in Windows 8.1, 11 or 10?

Download Windows-8 / 8.1 version for testing?

Repair Outlook Express *.dbx folder emails (free)!

How do I download all of my Facebook data?

You courient security settings not allow you to download files from this location!

Can't login to Minecraft Account on Mojang!

How to Change on facebook.com my Primary Language to/from English?

What should you watch out for when fonts are deleted under Windows?

How can i view *.ttc fonts in not Windows Font folder?

With the stress test, load only the graphics card, how to?

Help, can not change the language on Samsung mobile phone with Android!

How to open the installed applications (APPs) on my Samsung Galaxy?

Recalculate the windows experience index at any time!

Can I compress the non compressible files with 7-zip?

Hide the title bar and menu, move the window by dragging the background!

Can I query the color values ​​in my MS Office with this?

Use the virtual pointer on Windows 11 without any problems?

How can I change the language in the mouse pointer stick?

Can I reduce over 1000 photos at the same time with this tool?

How can I remove the Quick Notes app from my Microsoft Windows?

3D game Quake II for Window 10, 8.1, .... free download!

Download 7Zip or WinRar!

Office 2010 direct download links plus trial versions!

The leaves are not in the foreground only on the desktop?

Would you please put file dates in your file descriptions?

Save state and Settings Problem?

Can I use the cute hearts in Microsoft Paint too!

How can i translate MagicMouseTrails in my language!

The copying process stops or hangs in Windows 11, 10, ...?

How do I find out how much RAM is installed on a computer?

Data transfer too slow. W10 Defender activates itself again and again!

What is the difference between RAID and AHCI?

Can I change the file format from rar to zip?

How Change Desktop Digital Clock Language or ...Translate...?

Multiple themed slots to save your desktop clock settings!

The animated gif images are not displayed in explorer views?

What I miss is being able to disconnect or connect the network drive?

Is it possible to edit the folder path in the new address bar?

How to change font name and size in cells of Explorer View!

How to show last open favorite (the name) in the explorer title bar?

Is it possible to have only one instance of Q-Dir (tab, open, explorer )?

Scroll or jump to the selected object / files when filtering?

Start Q-Dir with *.QDR settings from the Task-Bar in Windows (11,10,8.1,7)?

A little helpers, I have still not found, something like "minimize to tray"?

How to navigate up a folder?

I think is missing is the "Invert Selection" option!

How can i browse FTP folders in Explorer Views, do you support SFTP?

Has Quad-Directory Explorer a single tree that can be used for all panes?

Preview PDF files of Adobe and other Images from Explorer views?

How to Change Column Settings in for the Explorer Views in Quad Explorer?

Can I continue to use the 3D desktop picture tool on Windows 11?

Can i start Always MouseWheel always minimized (To-tray)?

Difference Between Windows and Windows Server?

How do I use find ~ approximately character on the keyboard?

Difference in available and free storage space!

Differences between the right and left shift keys?

What is a USB 3.0 SD card adapter?

Is there a rich text editor under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?

The difference between files and folders?

What is the notification area in Windows?

Change the CPU to 64 bit via CMD, is that possible?

How do I change the size of my Windows mouse pointer?

Placeholders, wildcards, comparison of characters, search and find (file exchange)?

Difference between key combination and keyboard shortcuts?

Speed ​​dial key and key combination difference?

Show SSD, HD USB drives Windows 10, 8.1?

What is a USB 3.0 SD card adapter?

Difference keyboard shortcut and keys combination?

How to open the Control Panel (x64/x32)?

What are variables?

Let the program terminate correctly via parameters!

Can I run the ColorConsole as an administrator?

How to remove the raindrops from my Windows desktop?

Help on Windows 10/11 I can not change the file time stamp, why?

In PowerPoint still the original creation time appears!

The analog desktop clock no longer starts with Windows 11, 10, ...?

How do I install / uninstall fonts on Windows 11?

Why does the keyboard layout appear in the Windows 11 taskbar?

Should I use the official Windows 11 download?

Customize which desktop icons are displayed in Windows 11!

How do I change the font size in Windows 11?

Where can I find the color filters in Windows 11?

How to remove the standard Taskbar icons in Windows 11?

Get old programs running under Windows 11!

Where is the desktop directory on Windows 11?

Where can I find the Windows 11 version and build number?

Check whether Windows 11 is activated, where can I see it?

Start Windows Terminal as administrator in Windows 11!

Set the time for Windows 11 automatic maintenance!

Where are the language and region settings in Windows 11?

Set the standard boot operating system for Windows 11 PCs!

I was able to install Windows 11 without TPM, why?

Help in Windows 11 missing the keyboard settings?

Open Internet Options in Windows 11!

Can I upgrade my Windows 7, 8.1 to Windows 11 for free?

Activate transparency effects under Windows 11, but how!

Can I force shutdown on Windows 11?

What are the system requirements for Windows 11?

Get a grip on hanging programs and apps as administrator!

Enable Shutdown feature in Windows To-Tray area!

How do I know if HD is bad then? Is it certain number!

When you log off on Windows, save desktop icons but restore them manually!

What is better x64, x32, x86 version of desktop ok on Windows?

Windows desktop in the foreground at click doesn't work?

Difference between Save Current State and Save Current State at Desktop Item?

Has DesktopOK Save option for correct layout naming at multi-screens?

Save the INI file in my Google Drive or OneDrive?

Use right, left, middle mouse button as clipboard friend!

Command Prompt cmd.exe not receive all paste commands!

How to start QuickTextPaste minimized to tray?

How to Paste plain text from the clipboard via placeholder?

Will this increase my COVID-19 / Coronavirus immunity?

Windows 10: Installation errors - what to do?

For what is the short desktop note for Windows 11, 10, ... etc. good?

Open, edit, backup and restore registry!  

How can I change the default language in the desktop calendar?

How can I change or adapt the window color in the Win-7 basic design?

Hide Desktop Icons Show in Windows 7, Help?

Where can I see if Service Pack 1 is installed on my Windows 7?

Reset standard fonts for programs to default in Windows 7, how to?

Where is the fonts folder in Windows-7 (find and open)?

How to pin programs on Win7 Taskbar (unpin)?

How to change Windows Border Color in Windows-7?

How to use small icons in the Windows 7 Task-Bar?

Prevent (disable) shutdown in Windows 10, 8.1, 7, ...?

How to create and format a new partition (volume) in Windows 7?

How can I see the installed version of DirectX on my Win-7 Computer?

What internet browsers will work on Windows 7?

Disable sound on Windows 7 when clicking link eg navigation click sound?

Must Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 always be installed on NTFS disk partition?

Can I use my Windows XP Wallpaper in Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Error message com.google.process.gapps has stopped?

What is UEFI firmware?

What is a USB stick?

What is Command Prompt?

What is Num Lock?

What is Windows 10X?

What is a joystick?

What is remote access?

What is Pay Per Sale?

What is the Mandela Effect?

What is a network administrator?

What is tmp?

What are printer settings?

What is a read-only file?

What does anonymous calling mean?

IRQ conflict, what is that please?

What is a page break?

What is a floating point number?

What is a cortana?

What is a Zip Folder Directory?

What is a paper hole punch?

What are system properties?

What is Creators, Redstone, Threshold?

What is an EXE file?

Core-X architecture?

What is a tablet?

What is a SD memory card?

What is a function?

File and Files?

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